Sunday, June 14, 2009

FAQ - Product related

Q1: Is it true that smaller binder equals to better binding effect?

A: No. The sizes of Esha binders are precisely designed and tested. You should follow our size chart and instructions to select your size for the best binding effect. Wearing smaller binders only makes you feel uncomfortable and shortens the binder's lifespan and durability as well.

Q2: Can binder really flatten my breasts? Which binder(s) are better for users with bigger breasts?

A: Binders with Velcro have the best binding effect. And you can adjust Velcro according to your needs.

Q3: I am afraid of heat. Is it sultry (sticky and uncomfortable) to wear Esha binders?

A: All Esha binders are made of Lycra material. Its breathability keeps you cool and dry. For design wise, we recommend you select our short cut binders which are suitable for humid weather conditions.

Q4: I have not used a breast binder before. Will it feel uncomfortable?

A: It is common to feel uncomfortable when putting on something new. Give yourself and your body a bit of time to get used to it. For best comfortability, we recommend you wear the binder for a short period of time. Then increase the duration only when you feel more comfortable as days go by.

Q5: I am a first time user. How do I choose the correct size for myself?

A: Do not worry, we have a series of binders that suit users with different needs and requirements. For first time users, we recommend our Velcro series which allow you to adjust the Velcro according to your needs and comfort level.

After deciding on the product code you are interested in, please choose the correct size from our size chart.

Q6: Will there be any terms like lesbian, binder, etc. on the packaging?

A: The packaging of our products is the same as general parcels and only shows "CLOTHES" on it.


FAQ - Care and Washing instructions

How to extend binder durability and how to wash it correctly?

A: Here are a few pointers:

1) The best way to care for your binder is to HAND WASH and let it dry naturally after washing. By doing that, you can maintain your binder's durability.

2) Please put binder in washing bag if you are using washing machine. Wash it with slower speed.

3) Do NOT dry binder in dryer. Let it dry naturally. Do NOT iron.

4) Do NOT bleach.

5) We recommend that you should have at least 2 pieces of binders so that you can wear them alternately. Under proper maintenance, the average life span and durability of a binder can be extended to 8-10 months.