Sunday, June 14, 2009

My experience:

This blog shop is set up mainly to cater to the needs and requirements of friends including butches, sports women, role play, cosplay, etc.

I have been there. I still remember those 'creative' (or scary) days when I would try all methods just to bind up by chest. I want it to look as flat as possible. I used transparent opp tapes; cling wraps; clinical bandages (meant for waist recovery); sport bras; towels...blah blah blah...the list goes on. So sian...

It is unhealthy. Not only do I have difficulty in breathing, I am also afraid that the bandages would drop...if dropped, damn malu one!

I want to make a change. So I start searching for the kind of binders that are high quality, easy-to-wear, high durability, affordable and most important ...great after-sales service.

One day I came upon Esha binders. The huge variety of binders and great experience I have with them is unbelievable. The products-WOW! The service-WOW!

Thank goodness, those miserable days were gone. I am now happy and confident than ever.

So I decided to share this 'Wow-Wow' Experience with you all!
Come on friends, let's Wow-Wow together!